e-Joe Epik Carbon Review – $1.4k

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e-Joe Epik Carbon Review - $1.4k

https://electricbikereview.com/e-joe/epik-carbon/ The e-Joe Epik Carbon is a sturdy folding electric bike with wider 2.25″ tires for comfort and stability, a highly-adjustable suspension fork with lockout, sturdy cast alloy rims that won’t go out of true, and powerful 180mm mechanical disc brakes. Internally mounted battery pack stays clean, dry, and positions weight at the center of the frame for improved balance, 48 volt power delivery system makes the bike feel zippy and is a bit more efficient than 36 volts, the 500 watt motor felt powerful and gets a mechanical advantage from the smaller 20″ wheel size. Available through a sizable dealer network who can help with test rides and post purchase support, solid one-year comprehensive warranty, available in two colors, can be wheeled around and sat on in the folding position. No fenders, rack, or lights on this folding ebike, the internally routed cables look clean but can get stretched and pinched when folding and unfolding… so use care, the wider frame is sturdy but could bump your knees easier (especially at the folding joint), no derailleur guard or folding clasp systems but the chain guide helps to reduce drops while riding or transporting.

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e-Joe Epik Carbon Review – $1.4k
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