Elec-Trak E15 Propulsion trouble! Tractor won’t go. (Solution found, read description)

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Elec-Trak E15 Propulsion trouble! Tractor won't go. (Solution found, read description)

I’m having trouble with my General Electric Elec-Trak E15 lawn and garden tractor.

The tractor propulsion intermittently doesn’t work. The PTO, LIGHTS, LIFT, all work fine, but it just doesn’t drive.
I’ll turn the key on and off, main power disconnect on and off, jiggle things around, and sometimes it works again. Sometimes not.
I can’t seem to find a rhyme or reason as to why.

EDIT: With input from some folks on the Elec-Trak Facebook group, we were able to track down the problem as an issue with the very first micro-switch on the throttle. That’s the Start switch, and has 3 connections, instead of 2, like the others. By using jumpers to bypass that switch, I was able to get the motor to spin.
The switch needs replacement or other work to get the tractor working again, but at least I now know the source of the problem!

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Elec-Trak E15 Propulsion trouble! Tractor won’t go. (Solution found, read description)
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