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Electric ATV Repair and Upgrade – Kids Razor ATV/Quad rebuild

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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Electric ATV Repair and Upgrade - Kids Razor ATV/Quad rebuild

We fix up an old Razor brand electric ATV for my eight-year-old daughter.
The ATV is similar to this one: Please click SHOW MORE!

This is a great kids’ cycle. It has a solid steel frame, real suspension, good rubber tires, and is well-built. Definitely a big upgrade from a PowerWheels!

When I first got it, the steering and brakes were both completely rusted-up. I hit them both with plenty of PB-Blaster, let them soak, and then worked loose the brakes and steering.

Original 7AH batteries were replaced with 15AH batteries for double the run time, while still maintaining the original 24V system. These were the same batteries I was using for some other projects, like the Solar Ammo Can:

I also ordered a replacement charger, 24V, with the correct 3-pin connector to match the ATV.

I used some scrap metal to create two plates to hold the new batteries to the frame. I welded nuts to the plates so that a bracket could be bolted over the batteries. I welded the plates to the frame, painted them, installed the batteries, and bolted them down. I tested my mounts by turning the cycle on its side and shaking it violently. The batteries held well.

After that, we painted the body. First, we lightly sanded it, so that the paint would stick. Then we sprayed on one coat of primer, followed by two coats of paint.
Primer –
Paint –

After that, it was just time for reassembly.
I used some replacement bar clamps to properly mount the handlebars.

We bribed the little girl into wearing a helmet by buying her one she really liked – a Unicorn Helmet!

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