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Electric Tractor Coupler Construction Part 01

Electric Tractor Coupler Construction Part 01

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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Electric Tractor Coupler Construction Part 01

Progress continues on the electric tractor project! I strip out parts from the original tractor components to build a coupler.
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On the International 300 Utility tractor, there is an input in the transmission for both the wheels AND the PTO (Power Take Off.) That’s accomplished by one shaft inside the other, with the outer one (PTO) connecting directly to the clutch cover plate on the flywheel, and the inner one (wheels) connecting to the flywheel through the clutch.

To be able to power BOTH with a single electric motor and keep it fairly simple, I plan cut the splined parts out and then weld them together and to a LoveJoy spider coupler and then to the motor.

In the next video, I’ll measure the spacing needed, create those spacers on a lathe, and cut the components so that they will be concentric and ready to weld.

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