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Eunorau G30 Cargo review: $1,699 Uber Eats and Passenger Ready Cargo Electric Bike

Eunorau G30 Cargo review: ,699 Uber Eats and Passenger Ready Cargo Electric Bike

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Eunorau G30 Cargo review: ,699 Uber Eats and Passenger Ready Cargo Electric Bike

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What is happening, my fellow e-bike friends! Today we’re going to be riding around and discussing the G30-Cargo from Eunorau. This is a versatile cargo electric bike with a max range of around 60 miles, and that’s before we discuss the optional secondary batteries! There’s a ton of use cases here, and I’m looking forward to diving into the specs with you on this one!
The Eunorau G30-Cargo has a starting price of $1,700 USD, but if you opt for all the upgrades you’re looking at $2,939 USD. 

Eunorau offers a 5-Year comprehensive warranty on their frames, which covers pretty much everything except for normal wear and tear, and a 2-Year warranty on their batteries, with a tiered pricing system for various warranty durations after that. We’ve reviewed quite a few Ebikes from Eunorau at this point and just like with all the other models, the overall fit and finish on the G30-Cargo is top notch.

The Eunorau G30-Cargo has a 500-watt hub motor that can bring this ride up to a top speed of 20 mph out of the box, which can be reached using the half-grip twist throttle or the cadence sensing pedal assist, making this a Class 2 electric bike through and through.

The Eunorau G30-Cargo utilizes a cadence sensor, but there’s very little latency with motor activation and deactivation, which is always a bonus!
When it comes to battery power, we’ve got a plethora of options. The base model has a 48 volt, 15 Ah capacity. It utilizes Samsung cells with a max estimated range of about 65 miles in ideal riding conditions.

Eunorau also offers a primary battery upgrade to 20Ah, which will get you a few more miles, but you can also attach a second battery right behind the seat tube, and that has options of an additional 14Ah battery, or 17Ah battery. Between the two upgraded batteries, you get a total of 37 amp hours, which is impressive, to say the least. You could almost start your journey in one county and end it in another!  

The frame on the Eunorau G30-Cargo is made of 6061 aluminum alloy and weighs in at roughly 69 pounds. This is pretty impressive, considering cargo bikes in general usually come in around 75lbs, or even heavier.
The low standover height of 25 inches makes this ride fairly easy to get on and off. Now, this isn’t the mind-bogglingly low standover height of the Bintelli Florence, which is has the same step over height of your average sidewalk, but it is very approachable and makes mounting and dismounting incredibly easy, which is an important aspect if you’re considering Uber Eats or other types of delivery services.

Speaking of making deliveries, the optional basket kit offer tons of storage. And the front basket is attached directly to the frame, which makes it way easier to steer when it’s loaded up with cargo. This is a cargo bike that would be right at home flying around town during a busy lunch hour, delivering wings and other scrumptious delights to hungry customers.

Even without the basket kit, the Eunorau G30-Cargo is a pretty versatile ride that can serve as a capable passenger commuter. The passenger footrests are a welcomed additional in this stock configuration, although they might interfere with pedaling for those with larger feet. 

The Eunorau G30-Cargo comes stock with suspension front forks, which really smoothes out the ride. Even though the shocks are not very impressive in their own right, they add a lot to the overall ride comfort, and you can bet your bottom dollar that we’d rather have these than a rigid front fork.

In the rear of the Eunorau G30-Cargo, we’ve got a Shimano Altus derailleur with a 7-speed cassette and Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter up front. This is a nice upgrade from the Shimano Tourney, which is Shimano’s entry-level derailleur. It will also help minimize derailments, as will the double-sided, plastic chain guide. 

Overall, the Eunorau G30-Cargo is a very capable cargo bike ready to support a couple of kids, one full size passenger or just a bunch of gear. The range possibilities are ridiculous on this ride, which just adds to the functionality. Are there some slight tweaks we’d like to see on future models? Sure. But at this price point you’re getting a super solid cargo bike, from a super solid company. What do you guys think of the G30-Cargo? Let us know down in the comments below!

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