How to Choose & Size Kids’ Snowboards

How to Choose & Size Kids' Snowboards

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How to Choose & Size Kids' Snowboards

Learn more about how to choose kids’ snowboards & use our chart to match your child’s height and weight to a target length range:

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The best way to spark a lifetime of winter stoke is to get kids started young. We’ll cover everything you need to know to get your favorite riding buddy sized up with the right snowboard as we explain how to choose and size a kids’ snowboard.

How to Choose

The right snowboard for your child will depend on their own riding preferences and ability level. For younger riders and beginners, go with a basic all-mountain snowboard, which combines a versatile twin shape, smooth rocker profile, and soft flex.

If they like to do a bit of everything, more advanced all-mountain boards will perform in a variety of terrain and snow conditions.

For kids that spend most of their time honing tricks in the park, you may want to consider a park or freestyle snowboard that has a true twin shape and a springy flex.

If your child likes to explore off-trail and loves getting into powder, a directional freeride snowboard will maximize the fun.

How to Size

Sizing a kids’ snowboard is based on height, weight, and ability level. A good rule of thumb is that the snowboard should come between your child’s chest and nose.

Beginners, very young, or lightweight for their height riders will find shorter boards easier to maneuver and more fun to ride and should choose a board that comes up to their chest.

More experienced riders, or those heavier than average for their height, will benefit from a longer board and can size closer to the chin or nose.

Kids grow fast, so you’ll be tempted to size up and purchase a board that gives plenty of room to grow. Avoid going too far outside the recommended range for your child’s height and weight.

Season Lease

A season rental can be a smart alternative to rolling the dice on your kid’s next growth spurt. Here at evo, we offer affordable season rental packages for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Check out our store location pages to learn more:

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How to Choose & Size Kids’ Snowboards
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