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How to service the F 232 ONE suspension fork | DT Swiss

How to service the F 232 ONE suspension fork | DT Swiss

Video by DT Swiss via YouTube
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How to service the F 232 ONE suspension fork | DT Swiss

► This Video will show you step by step how-to do a lubrication service on a DT Swiss F 232 ONE suspension fork.

You will see as well How-to change the Wiper Seals.

More information, for example the service intervals can be found in the fork manual on our website:

Here is a list with the needed special tools and service parts:
o FWKXXXXXXXXX46388S Wiper Seal Kit
o FWTXXXXXXXX013089S Presstool Wiper Seal
o FXTXXXXXXXX018482S 8 mmm Hex Tool
o 4064XXXXXXXX000028DT Swiss Lube Fluid
o 4064XXXXXXXX000025DT Swiss Fork Oil

If you have any questions on the topic, please leave them as a comment in the comments section of this video, our technicians at DT Swiss are happy to answer them for you.

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Author: DT Swiss