Installing New Doors on the crashed Chevy Volt

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Installing New Doors on the crashed Chevy Volt

I install a new driver seat and driver side doors on the crashed Chevy Volt!

Fixing a Crashed Chevy Volt

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I installed the new seat and both doors on the 2012 Chevy Volt!
The rear door just needed a little tweaking. After I adjusted the bolts, it closed up nicely. The heated seat and steering wheel are both great.

The lock on the driver’s door seems to stick a little. I’ll probably still need to take a look at that. I haven’t swapped the lock mechanisms yet, that’s still on my To Do list!

I finished installing the seat and doors at about 4PM on Christmas Eve. This vehicle will most likely be replacing out 2004 Prius, which is primarily my wife’s car. Merry Christmas to her!

There are still a few dents I want to work on. Also, the interior is now a mix of black and black and green. What do you think of the green accents? Love it? Hate it?
Should I swap all the parts out to black and green? All the parts to Black/black and silver?

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Installing New Doors on the crashed Chevy Volt
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