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Mammoth Bike Park First in the Country to Allow E-Bikes

Mammoth Bike Park First in the Country to Allow E-Bikes

Why now?

In short, it’s about inclusivity and access. E-bikes will help some of our guests experience the Bike Park in ways they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Having studied e-bike usage at bike parks and mountain bike destinations in Europe we felt quite comfortable that this was a move that would benefit a number of our guests, with minimal impact on the trail system and non-motorized riders.

Where will e-bikes be allowed at Mammoth?

On all trails within the boundaries of the Mammoth Bike Park.

Where won’t e-bikes be allowed at Mammoth?

E-bikes are not permitted on USFS trails outside out of the Mammoth Bike Park. Mammoth will also be installing new signage at every access and exit point to the Bike Park, clearly indicating where e-bike access is permitted and where it isn’t.  

Will Mammoth have demo bikes available? Can you bring your own e-bike?

Mammoth will have a fleet of Trek e-bikes available for demo. Guests with a valid Bike Park pass can also bring their own class 1 e-bike. All Bike Park tickets may be purchased at any ticket window, by calling 800.MAMMOTH or visiting

What kind of skill level do e-bikes require?

While e-bikes provide pedaling assistance, they require the same skill level as non-motorized mountain bikes when it comes to descending and navigating more technical terrain.

Are e-bikes allowed anywhere else in Mammoth?

The USFS has approved e-bike access only on the trails located within the Mammoth Bike Park. E-bikes have always been permitted on most roads in the area, and are currently allowed on several paved paths in the Mammoth Lakes area, including the Lakes Basin Path. E-bikes are also permitted in the Inyo National Forest on roads identified on the MVUM (motor vehicle use map).

What is a class 1 e-bike?

Class 1 e-bikes are the only e-bikes allowed in the Mammoth Bike Park. They provide assistance only when the user is pedaling, and only under 20mph.


  • Class 1 (pedal assist) e-bikes will be permitted on all trails within the Mammoth Bike Park
    • First bike park in the country on USFS land to allow e-bikes
    • e-bikes will not be permitted on any trails on USFS land outside the bike park boundaries
  • Mammoth’s fleet of Trek demo bikes will include e-bikes for 2018
  • Mammoth’s Bike Park opens for the year on Friday, May 25


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