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Mokwheel Basalt ST review: $1,799 Step Through Mobile Power Station Electric Bike!

Mokwheel Basalt ST review: ,799 Step Through Mobile Power Station Electric Bike!

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Mokwheel Basalt ST review: ,799 Step Through Mobile Power Station Electric Bike!

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tl;dr version of the written review:

Today, we’re checking out the Basalt ST from Mokwheel, and we recently reviewed the Basalt Step-Over, which you can check out here. The Basalt ST has the same starting price of $1,799 and is the perfect complement to this lineup from Mokwheel.

The Basalt ST is another great looking Ebike from Mokwheel! The beige-colored frame we received is a unique, light brown color, similar to desert tan, but a bit lighter, giving it a very groovy beach vibe. Similar to the Basalt Step-Over, this frame has high-quality welds throughout, giving this electric bike a very high-end look.

Having a step-through frame makes the Basalt ST more approachable—literally—opening this e-bike up as a possibility for people who may have limited range of motion or mobility, especially in the knees and back areas. It also opens this up to people who are around 5’7” and below, and who might need the lower standover height of 18”.

Mokwheel offers a 15-day return policy, which is great for those who might be on the fence about buying one, and a 2-year limited warranty.
And with that, let’s get all up in those specs.

The Basalt step-through has a powerful 750-watt hub motor in the rear wheel. This cruiser can ramp up to a top speed of 28 mph, straight out of the box, and that top speed can be reached using the half-grip twist throttle, or the cadence-sensing pedal assist. The motor has 90Nm of torque, which is what we would expect here, and really helps to take the ill out of hills.

Let’s continue chatting about the battery; the Basalt ST has a 48-Volt, 19.6 Ah battery tucked into the downtube. Mokwheel utilizes Samsung cells, which are more expensive, but will last longer and might even squeeze out a few more miles per charge. The Basalt ST ships with a larger-than-average 3 amp charger, which means you can charge up and get out to the trails faster than you could with a 2 amp charger. Once you’re fully charged, you should be able to get 60-80 miles per charge, in part thanks to the programmed power curve.

The Basalt ST has a max payload capacity of 450 pounds and weighs the same as its big brother—79 lbs. This approachable frame is still a bit on the longer side, measuring in at 78” length overall and having a 49” wheelbase, and this lengthened geometry makes the Basalt ST feel stable, which for some may be the main thing they’re looking for in a Ebike.
At the back of the frame we’ve got a bolt-on rear rack, which increass the Basalt ST’s functionality. The Basalt ST also ships with front and rear fenders, meaning you can easily use this e-bike as a commuter, an everyday cruiser, or for some light trail exploration.

At the front we’ve got Overlord Adjustable front forks, with 110mm of travel. They do a good job of mitigating vibrations from rough roads, and they can pretty easily soak up the bumps from light trail riding, but don’t plan on catching big air at the local downhill track.

The Basalt ST is a 7-speed Ebike, and utilizes the Shimano Tourney rear derailleur paired with a Shimano SIS Index thumb shifter.

When it comes to stopping power, the Basalt ST will not let you down. It is outfitted with Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors in the front and rear wheels, offering plenty of stopping power.

The cable management is great here too, with everything routed internally, which means you won’t have to worry about catching any wires on an aggressive root system or downed log.

Moving up to the handlebars, we’ve got the independent control module on the left side, and we’ve got the half-twist throttle on the right-hand side. In the middle we’ve got the beautiful full color display that is also easy to read in direct sunlight.

The Basalt ST and Scoria lines are known as the world’s first electric bike with integrated power station technology, but in order to actually use this function, you have to purchase a separate inverter from Mokwheel for $400 USD. While we didn’t receive an inverter for testing, this does seem like a great idea, especially for those who might use this e-bike for bike packing or other outdoor exploring adventures.

Overall, the Basalt ST from Mokwheel is a well-built, excellent complement to the the Basalt lineup of Ebikes. Priced at $1,799 USD, this is something I could see being an option for anyone who needs an approachable, easy to ride e-bike that can fill multiple roles. What would you use the Basalt ST for? Let us know in the comments!

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