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MOTAN M-350: First Fat Tire Electric Tricycle

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Author: Addmotor electric Bikes via YouTube
MOTAN M-350: First Fat Tire Electric Tricycle

500W or 750W Trike, two choose.

We have a promotion active on indiegogo.

Please go to

Why us choose INDIEGOGO?

we appreciate your attention our funding activity of electric tricycle on INDIEGOGO. This is our new attempt, because we would like to hear and collect more users’ opinions on electric bicycles after using our bike, also this contributes to the development of new models.

If you indeed prefer to buy the 750W Trike, you can feel relieved to support this M-350 electric tricycle on INDIEGOGO. Or you can tell us your advise/design/anything, please send email to

Thank you for your support! You’ll love your bike. We promise.