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SG250/SG400 – Windshields

SG250/SG400 - Windshields

Author: CSC Motorcycles via YouTube
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SG250/SG400 - Windshields

CSC Motorcycles offers some very nice custom windscreens that fit both your SG250 and SG400. These windscreens are a great way to keep the wind out of your face and to add a little style to your motorcycle.

Checkout The Shooter Black Smoke Windshield Seen on the SG250 Here:

Checkout The Puig Hi-Tech Parts Custom Smoke Windshield Seen on the SG400 Here:

Check Out the SG250 Here:

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SG250 Owner & Service Manuals Can Be Found Here:

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If you have a service question for your CSC Motorcycle you can reach us here:

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