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SHIMANO EP8 battle tested at the e-MTB worlds in Leogang

#RideShimano via YouTube
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SHIMANO EP8 battle tested at the e-MTB worlds in Leogang

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This year marks the second edition of the e-MTB Cross-Country World Championships. Teams and riders from across the world gathered to compete for the coveted title. This year’s race attracted a variety of riders from cross-country to enduro to downhill and is really representing what e-MTB is about in the sense of having something that everyone can do and give a try.

Besides the physical and technical skills of the riders, another big aspect of this race is the technological challenge to be able to have the best overall e-bike possible to compete. Shimano partnered up with the Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team to see how the newly introduced EP8 engine would hold up in top of the line e-MTB racing.

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