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Spot #54

Spot #54
Charles Gibbs

Same Bike as the other one, but upgraded the battery to a self built Vruzend DIY kit and 13s BMS. As yet the max range has not been tested as of this post I just did a double trip work and back, moved the battery and controller to the triangle, made a custom box also wired lights onto the pack, this controller was abel to put 1100W into that small motor in pas 5 uphill, had me doing almost 35km/h up a 20• hill, a bit much, so dialed back the current on my controller now it can put 650W max into the motor, am now abel to ride comfortably in pas 2 or 3 will test the range a bit later on in 2018. Have slots cut into the battery box at opposite ends, the controller after my ride was only slightly warm to the touch as was the hub mid day drive 36•C outside temperature.

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