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Super73 Tutorials: R-Series Wheel Maintenance

Author: Super73 via YouTube
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Super73 Tutorials: R-Series Wheel Maintenance

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0:00 Introduction
0:20 Tools
0:43 Display Adjustment, Battery Removal
1:05 Flipping the Bike
1:19 Disconnecting the Motor
1:30 Rear Brake Caliper Removal
1:45 Axel Nut Loosening
2:00 Chain Tensioner Removal
2:15 Dropout Bolt Removal
2:27 Rear Wheel Removal
2:40 Dropout Plate Removal
3:17 Tire and Tube Removal
4:18 Tire, Tube, and Wheel Inspection
5:22 Tire and Tube Installation
6:08 Dropout Plate Installation
6:13 Rear Wheel Installation
6:29 Real Wheel Alignment
6:39 Chain Tensioner Installation
6:49 Brake Caliper Installation
6:59 Connecting the Motor
7:16 Front Brake Caliper Removal
7:25 Front Wheel Bolt Removal
7:36 Through Axel Removal
7:52 Through Axel Installation
8:02 Front Wheel Bolt Installation
8:12 Brake Caliper Installation
8:20 Flipping Bike, Display Adjustment, Battery Installation
8:30 Need Support?

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