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THERMAL VIDEO: PreHeating an Electric Car

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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THERMAL VIDEO: PreHeating an Electric Car

This video was shot with a FLIR ONE thermal camera attachment for my iPhone:
Here’s a thermal video of what it looks like to pre-heat an electric car. Nearly all modern Electric Vehicles (EVs) have a feature to heat or cool the car using power from the wall while still plugged-in. This allows you to have a fully charged battery AND a car all warmed up in the winter, or cooled down in the summer!

My car happens to be a Mitsubishi iMiEV. In this video, I used the DEFROST pre-condition mode. This directs heat in the cabin up to the windshield and is powerful enough to melt snow and ice right off. The DEFROST pre-condition also activates the rear glass defrost and the heated outside mirrors. If the heat seat switch was last set to ON, that activates as well.

This is a more basic car, so it’s activated by the key fob. On other cars, they may use the touchscreen control or a smartphone app and can be setup with a timer.

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