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What to Wear Skiing & Snowboarding – How to Dress

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What to Wear Skiing & Snowboarding - How to Dress

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What to Wear Skiing & Snowboarding - How to Dress

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of exciting new snowboards and groundbreaking ski boots, but the biggest thing you can do to make your skiing or snowboarding experience better is to dial in how you dress for a day on the slopes. And for beginners just getting started, it’s even more important to be properly prepared – letting you focus on fun and learning rather than how cold or uncomfortable you are. Conditions on the mountain can change fast in the mountains and you need to be prepared for anything from high winds and freezing sleet to sun and slush. So we’ve put together this guide to help explain the higher-level concepts behind why we dress like we do in the mountains, as well as giving specific guidelines and examples of how to best dress for a day on the hill.

When you’re dressing for skiing or snowboarding, it’s important to start with a good base, then build up your layers depending on the conditions. The three main things your ski outfit needs to deal with are cold, wind, and moisture, both coming from the outside in the form of snow or rain, and from the inside in the form of perspiration. Skiing and snowboarding gear and clothing can be expensive, luckily, you might already have some layers in your closet that you can wear. Follow along and we’ll help you pick out the perfect layers that will help you stay warm and comfortable out on the mountain, so next time you’re getting ready to head to the slopes you can spend less time thinking about what to wear skiing or snowboarding and more time getting stoked to make some turns.

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