Why Cities Should be Built for Kids

Why Cities Should be Built for Kids

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Why Cities Should be Built for Kids

We wanted to learn more about out how eBikes are changing families lives in New York, so we asked Cornelius, a father and educator, if we could hang out with him and his family for the day. It was really inspiring to learn how he helps others, and we had some really interesting conversations. One that stood out was about social literacy, and how it’s the small, daily interactions and connections that really shape us. There’s lots of opportunities for that in the city, but the bike opens that up even more.

What do you think? Are the best cities built for kids?

0:00 Bike storage in NYC
0:50 Dropping kids off at school in NYC
1:45 How does a city treat its most vulnerable?
2:30 Literacy as a tool for social advancement
3:10 Literary and physical bike infrastructure NYC
4:30 Access to community resources
5:30 Educating more people about biking
6:05 People are stuck on comfort
6:20 Being an advocate by being the first to bike
7:10 Exposing children to bikes at a young age
9:00 Biking pays for itself overtime
9:50 NYC bike storage
10:30 Teaching according to learning style
12:35 Why choose biking over driving?
14:20 How to represent biking in your community

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Why Cities Should be Built for Kids
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