Window Shopper

Window Shopper

Author: Diamondback Bicycles
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Window Shopper

Ever have that one thing you’d do anything for? How far would you go to get it? Relive the moment you met your first love, the bicycle.
Some things never change….
Window Shopper Credits:
Presented By Diamondback Bicycles
Written | Produced | Directed By: Mike Hopkins
Director of Photography: Derek Frankowski
Editing: Anders Petersen
Production Assistant: Simon Hillis
Sound Design: Keith White
Narrator: Graham Tracey
Bike Featured: Release 5C

Window Shopper: Cole and Grayson Macaulay
Window Shopper Adult: Trevor Macaulay
Mom: Tara Macaulay
Friends: Eamon Wright, Eve Williams, Hyde Percy, Bryar Percy, Daylen Clayden
Parents at Sled Shred: Kyle Percy, Cam Clayden, Joel Wright
Dating Couple: Simon Hillis and Hollie Arsenault
Beer Patrons: Steve Nox, Kevin Erwin, Joe Hopkins, Josh Burwash, Evan Cescon, Katie
Spittlehouse, Trigger, Shane Davies, Kelly Humpherys
Special Thanks to Steve Nox and Derek for the use of their houses, Vicky and Bryan of
“Powderhound” for staying up late and letting Mike occupy the storefront window and being all
around gems, Gabe Wolfe, Gene and Zhenya for a letting random stranger (Mike) drive off your
vehicles (gotta love small town’s), Norm Hopkins for supplying electric vehicles of every variety
needed to make these shots happen, and Traharn Chidley, Illi, and Luna for supporting Mike
and letting him turn the house upside down with props, wardrobe, and everything else.

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Window Shopper
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