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Bicycle Seat Lock or Lock with a Bicycle Seat?

Author: Bolton Ebikes via YouTube
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Bicycle Seat Lock or Lock with a Bicycle Seat?

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0:00 Introducing The Bronco with this cool accessory
1:19 SeatyLock Unboxing
3:00 Showing how it bolts onto a bike
3:12 How to WIN a SeatyLock from Bolton Ebikes
3:40 Step 1 Installation
3:55 Ready to Go!
4:23 Weight of SeatyLock Compared to Standard Seat
5:46 Easy removal from bike to locking your ebike
8:40 Demonstration of locking and unlocking
11:28 How To PreOrder Now
11:33 How to Join Bolton Labs and Get A FREE T-Shirt
12:14 How to WIN a SeatyLock

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