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Honda brings back its ’80s MotoCompo micro-motorcycle and more

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Honda brings back its ’80s MotoCompo micro-motorcycle and more

Honda brings back its ’80s MotoCompo micro-motorcycle, but this time it’s electric

Electric Motorcycles | Electrek

If you’re old enough to remember the original 1980s Honda Motocompo micro-motorcycle – or are like me and have enjoyed learning about it since – then today’s announcement from Honda will come with all sorts of warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia, either earned or learned. The long-awaited spiritual successor to the Motocompo has just been unveiled…

Weapon Update: Motor Comparison (Need your opinion)

flx bikes

Hey Weapon X Backers, I need your opinion on something! Motor manufacturer has agreed to complete the new 750W M560 Weapon X motor in November However, they report that with steel gear to handle extra power, the volume level of this motor is above their normal standards They’re willing to break protocol to get us this motor as is – OR Continue w…

we rode with Basque electric bikes that want to add spice to your daily life
Basque brand, Larrun is preparing to launch its second generation of electric bikes Made in France, which we have tested in preview!

This needs to be the new standard

Electric Revolution

If you wanna pick this up or want more info click here –…

Oggy’s electric bikes – MONDO MODA
Oggy’s electric bikes – MONDO MODA … Urban mobility is undergoing a silent transformation, driven by electric bicycles. With increasing congestion and …

The Ultimate Ride: sixthreezero E-Rickshaw with 750W Front Hub Motor and 350lbs Rear Seat Capacity

six three zero

Prepare to embark on the ultimate journey with the sixthreezero Electric Rickshaw, boasting a formidable 750W front hub motor and an extraordinary 600lbs weight capacity. Notably, the robust rear seat can comfortably accommodate up to 350lbs, ensuring secure and spacious seating for passengers. In this exploration of the sixthreezero Electric Rick…

Fucare Taurus review: A superfast fat tire cross-country electric bike

ebikes | Electrek

The Fucare Taurus fat tire electric bike brings the same fun-loving, off-road riding you’ve seen with plenty of other adventure-style electric bikes. But this time it gives you full speed 28 mph (45 km/h) operation on throttle only! more… The post Fucare Taurus review: A superfast fat tire cross-country electric bike appeared first on Electre…

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The Aniioki Model AQ177 Pro Max E Bike has a 100 mile range on throttle only! I will test it!

Senior ebike Nation

Senior E Bike Nation reviews E Bikes, E Bike merchandise, including helmets, e bike accessories. BIKES: Mooncool Trike: Discount Code: MCSEBN30′ Juiced 26 inch fat tire bike: Optibike Argon:…

Onguza Bikes talks ebikes at the MADE bike show #handmade #ebike #electricbike

Electric Bike Journal

An awesome weekend in Portland, OR for bike enthusiasts. MADE Bike Show celebrates handmade bikes from all corners of the world. We walked around the show to see if we could spot any handmade electric bikes. We also talked to different frame builders on their thoughts on electric bikes as well. Check out the full video here –…

Ultimate Guide to the Kuat Bike Rack: Unveiling Rex’s Killer Demonstration!

asheville custome bikes

Ultimate Guide to the Kuat Bike Rack: Unveiling Rex’s Killer Demonstration! Welcome to Rex’s ultimate guide to the Kuat Bike Rack! In this mind-blowing demonstration, Rex showcases the sheer awesomeness of the Kuat Bike Rack, unravelling its extraordinary features and providing you with invaluable information. Whether you’re a passionate cyclist…

eBike Riding to Lunch with Amanda | And The Race Home!!!

Ebike Reviews

Amanda and I went to lunch, then we raced home. Guess who won? On this channel we test and review ebikes and accessories. Its our goal to help you find the perfect ebike. When we review an electric bike, we don’t simply ride it once and make a video, we ride it for 50-100 miles to get familiar with all it has to offer, then we make a video. But

Installing Your Batteries in the New Hornet XI!

Ride the Wind

Buy Right From Us! ❤️Like and Subscribe!❤️ We post fun and informative content as well as how-to videos! 🚛We ship across Canada and the USA🚚 We are a full-service store – Repairs and part pick-up/delivery ⭐️If you find our videos helpful buy from Ride the Wind!⭐️ Our Website – Follow us at Instagram – https://www…

How to mount a bicycle tire with an inner tube – Get useful tips and tricks!

Schwalbe Bike Tires – In this tutorial our colleague Grant gives you useful tips and tricks when mounting a tire with an inner tube.

In Between The Races with Cannondale Factory Racing | SHIMANO

#RideShimano – Shimano presents: In Between the Races, a portrait of the painstaking preparation and fierce focus leading up to – and during – the UCI Mountain Bike World Series. In this episode, we join the Cannondale Factory Racing team on their journey from Lenzerheide to Leogang. A lot can happen… Read More »In Between Th…

Quick Tips – How to Measure Battery Voltage for Ranger/Trax/Ovia?

Cyrusher Sports – In this Quick Tip video, we’ll show you how to measure battery voltage for ranger/trax/ovia. For more information on your Cyrusher Ebike, please check out our assembly guides below. If you have specific questions or issues, please use the lin…

electric scooter wheel replacement


More bike parking = more money

Propel Bikes

Offering convenient bike parking isn’t just about hooks and racks – it’s about opening your doors to a vibrant community of cyclists who might just become your next loyal customers. 🚲👀 Pedaling up to your favorite shop or café, knowing there’s a secure spot for your bike, is like a warm welcome. Cyclists love the convenience, and businesses wi…

Fun riding with full susupension fat-tire ebike. #emtb #outdoors #emtblife #freybike #fattirebike


Author: FREY BIKE via YouTube Go to Source

Oli Edge: il nuovo update per personalizzare l’assistenza da display


L’italianissima Oli ci ha mandato in anteprima il suo nuovo aggiornamento software che permette di personalizzare le assistenze e il comportamento del motore Edge fin nell’ultimo dettaglio. Quest’estate ho provato due bici con questo motore, l’Olympia Hammer e la Karbo. Se andate a riguardate i test, potete vedere come l’Oli Edge mi avesse convin…

Dieser E-Bike-Anhänger hat eigene Motoren: Der Maxximus trägt bis zu 220 kg

Wer hohe Lasten mit einem Fahrrad transportieren will, greift in der Regel zu einem E-Lastenrad. Wenn es nach Roland Werk aus Deutschland geht, dann wird man in Zukunft aber auch den neuen Schwerlastanhänger Maxximus vermehrt auf den deutschen Straßen sehen. 220 Kilogramm auf E-Bike Anhänger Der Roland Maxximus ist auf den Transport von großen und…

2023 Yamaha R15 & MT15 MotoGP Editions Launched

BikeAdvice – Latest Bike News, Motorcycle Reviews, Electric Vehicle Updates

Yamaha MotoGP Editions are priced Rs 1500 over their respective standard trims and come with special livery and are available for limited sales.. As a yearly ritual, just ahead of the festive season, Yamaha has officially announced the introduction of the Monster Energy MotoGP Editions of three of its two wheelers. The Monster Editions are […] Th…

electric scooter wheel replacement

ancheer sport

Blubrake und Urbike: E-Cargo-Bikes mit ABS für die letzte Meile

E-Cargobikes gewinnen in städtischen Zentren, insbesondere bei Lieferungen in der letzten Meile, zunehmend an Bedeutung. Blubrake und Urbike führten einen Pilotversuch durch, bei dem sie eine Flotte von Cargo-Bikes des Der Beitrag Blubrake und Urbike: E-Cargo-Bikes mit ABS für die letzte Meile erschien zuerst auf Pedelecs und E-Bikes. …

The Engwe X24 Takes On The Streets!

RussIs Right

Russ goes riding with the cars! And then on a path as well… ______________________________ Check out my new “blog” website that has a list of everything in this description (and more) for my recommendations of accessories and products. Affiliate links help my channel. Thanks! _______________________________ …

STEREO HYBRID ONE55 C:68X TM 750: Unleashing the Ultimate E-Biking Beast

electric bike

Introducing the STEREO HYBRID ONE55 C:68X TM 750: Unleashing the Ultimate E-Biking Beast #ebike #mountainbike #electricbike #ebiking #cycling #outdooradventures #adrenalinejunkie #mountainbiking #offroadcycling #emtb #europeanbike #bikecommunity #eBikeBeast #C68X #STEREOHYBRIDONE55 #Unleashing #UltimateEBike #BikeBeast #TM750 #CyclingLife…

My C-Finder, il tracker integrato di Corratec

La diffusione delle e-bike e il loro prezzo d’acquisto spesso importante ha purtroppo segnato l’aumento dei furti delle biciclette a pedalata assistita di circa il 14% rispetto all’anno precedente ed è una tendenza diffusa in molti Paesi. Oltre alle soluzioni proposte da terze parti per arginare questo fenomeno, anche i produttori di biciclette s…

How to change the combination for the anti-theft lock

Velowave Bikes

1. The initial password is set to 00000. Rotate the lock head in the direction indicated by the arrow in the diagram. 2. Align the dials with the raised points and set your desired password (it’s recommended to take a photo for reference). 3. After confirming the password, rotate the lock head in the direction indicated by the arrow in the diagram…

ENGWE E26 Unboxing & Assembly

engwe bikes

Teach you how to assemble E26 simply!…

60v 40ah mega range battery DIY build

E-bike guy

I built a 60v 40ah ebike battery DIY for my son’s 5000w ebike max out put is 320a and it’s a triangle battery for a ebike…

The Big Unit Randy Johnson Rides With Soul Fast E Bikes. Wholesale direct $2999 52V 1500W ‘CUDA

Soul Fast e bikes

Our 6’10 good friend Mr Randy Johnson showing off his personal fleet of SOUL FAST E BIKES.…

UK legal CYC Photon mid-drive e-bike conversion kit now available

electric bike reviews, buying advice and news – ebiketips

We reported on the initial launch of the exciting-sounding Photon mid-drive kit from Hong-Kong-based CYC back in January this year. Whilst the initial version was clearly aimed at the US market (with a 750W motor rating) the company have just made a 250W, 15.5mph, UK-legal version available through Electric Bike Conversions.  The Photon …

Display the 4 products of electric bike conversion kit

Lvbu tech> See current price. Welcome to our YouTube channel! In today’s video, we are excited to showcase four incredible electric bike conversion kits that will revolutionize your cycling experience. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing bicycle or transform your folding bike into an elect…

MEELOD 2400W Daul Motor Electric Bicycle DK300MAX

Meelod Ebike

The MEELOD electric bike for adults is an excellent choice for those looking for an exciting and efficient mode of transportation. With a powerful 2500W dual motor, this impressive e-bike can reach speeds of up to 35MPH and effortlessly propel you forward, making it one of the fastest electric bikes on the market. In addition, the bike is equipp…

🛵Go for a ride with the family! #eahora #scooter #riding#riding #ride #family #tricks #beginners


🛵Go for a ride with the family!…

Thinking and Riding

Scooter in the Sticks

Pondering Maintenance The GTS is running great. But I’m doing a lot of thinking and riding. Thinking I should do some serious service on the scooter yet riding it gives no clue that it needs much of anything. And with 45 thousand miles on the clock and on the road since January of 2007 I […] The post Thinking and Riding appeared first on Scooter …

K2-Pro Cancel default password

kaisda e bike

electric Scooty ki wiring shot #automobile #scooty #electricvehicle #electricscooter #scooters #bike

ebike technical guru ji

electric Scooty ki wiring shot YouTube channel kaise grow kare #electricscooter #electricvehicle #scooty #electronic #edit #explore #entertainment #bestelectricscooter #explore #motivation #viralvideo #video #viral #viralshorts #vlog #viralvideos #videos #vtuber #valorant #youtubeshorts #youtube #youtubelife #ytshorts #yout…

Mario Electric Bike First Try By A Gentleman

mario ebike

This is Esi who is a real gentleman, originally from Iran, but now living in Bristol, UK. This is his first try of ebike, Mario ebike….

Travel better with P-51 electric bikes #ebike #ebikelife #p51 #p51bikes

P51 ebikes