Bluejay Premiere Edition Review – $3.6k

Bluejay Premiere Edition Review - .6k

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Bluejay Premiere Edition Review - .6k The Bluejay Premiere Edition is an elegant electric city bike that comes feature complete in two frame sizes and five premium colors. This mid-step frame is approachable but sturdy, paint matched aluminum alloy chain cover and fenders keep you dry, paint matched front and rear racks provide utility, an upgraded bell and integrated lights help keep you safe. Thoughtful hardware upgrades improve function and reliability. Highlights include physical shift detection sensor, narrow-wide tooth chainring, an 8-speed internally geared hub vs. derailleur, and easy to actuate 160mm hydraulic disc brakes. You pay a bit extra for this electric bicycle, but it’s a step above many comparables I’ve seen. Bluejay utilizes two different tire colors and battery case colors to really match the respective frame. The tires have reflective stripes and puncture protection to enhance safety. The brake levers offer adjustable reach, and the stem is adjustable angle to fit a wide range of riders. Notice the swept-back handlebar, matching saddle, and locking ergonomic grips. I believe that some colors have been out of stock. Unlike many of the other Bafang powered electric bicycles I’ve seen that use the same motor, this one does not offer a throttle. Bluejay chose to make it Class 1 to be more permissible on bike paths. The kickstand is positioned mid-frame and can create pedal lock when backing up if not stowed. Basic 2 amp charger, external battery pack vs. more integrated. Smaller, newer company, may be difficult to find and test ride in some areas. Five color choices include: Bluejay Blue, Mint Green, Black and Tan, Blush Pink, Modern White.

0:00 Introduction and frame sizes
1:43 Racks, fenders, frame lock option
3:39 Adjustable stem, fork details
4:33 Wheel and tire details, 28" x 2"
5:45 Hydraulic disc brakes, 160mm Rotors
6:39 Pricing $3,595 and kickstand
7:31 Drivetrain details, Alfine 8 IGH
9:11 PAS, shift sensing, motor stats
10:46 Battery details, removal, charger
12:19 Bottle options, nice bell, shifters
14:57 Optional suspension seatpost
16:10 Display basics, lights demo
18:08 Range estimate, battery capacity
18:38 Display settings menu, USB port
19:45 Ride test begins, noise test
22:00 Walk mode demo up stairs
22:48 First person view, flower streets
25:02 Steep hill descent and climb
26:00 Conclusion, website resources

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Bluejay Premiere Edition Review – $3.6k
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