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CUBE 20″ Compact Sport Hybrid Review – $3.5k Premium Compact Ebike

Author: via YouTube
CUBE 20" Compact Sport Hybrid Review - $3.5k Premium Compact Ebike The CUBE 20" Compact Sport Hybrid is one of the most powerful, adjustable, and high-quality compact electric bikes I’ve ever tested. Available in two colors but only one frame size… the extra-long seat post and telescoping height stem provide good fit for a range of rider heights. Low-rise handlebar, adjustable angle stem, ergonomic grips, and memory foam saddle all improve comfort. The handlebar can swivel 45-degrees to line up with the bike frame, making it easier to fit into closets and other tight spaces. It’s not a fully folding ebike, but still very portable. The X style frame provides strength and stiffness that improves ride quality and supports heavier riders and larger cargo loads. Wide 2.4" Schwalbe tires improve stability, increase the effective diameter of the wheel which lowers the attack angle, and increase air volume which adds comfort. The tires are puncture resistant and have reflective stripes for safety. Integrated Herrmans lights run off the high capacity Bosch PowerPack 500 battery, and the headlight has side windows to keep you extra visible. It’s perfectly mounted high up on the handlebar vs. low on the fork. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes are reliable and easy to use, requiring less hand effort to stop. The 10-speed drivetrain is excellent, and CUBE specced a short-cage derailleur to reduce curb strikes… same thing with the shorter crank arms that reduce pedal strikes. Long sturdy fenders provide great coverage but the front one can scrape on curbs. The bike is fairly expensive given the nicer components, comes with the slower 2 amp Bosch charger, suffers from pedal lock because the kickstand is center mounted, and uses the more basic Purion display with limited readouts.

0:00 Introduction
6:31 Lights overview
8:39 Ebike controls and display panel
10:44 Cheryl takes a test ride
11:35 Lights demonstration
13:25 Drivetrain details, derailleur and cassette overview
14:16 Brakes overview
21:07 Fit and ergonomics discussion
27:38 Off-road ride test
28:53 Ebike class discussion (Class 1, 250W)
30:58 Advanced display discussion
36:34 Key and lock discussion
37:35 Charger, battery details, unlock and removal
38:52 Drivetrain closeup ride shots

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