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Delfast built an electric bike with longer range than a Tesla Model 3

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By Andy Meek

Daniel Tonkopiy was in Las Vegas in recent days for the Interbike International Expo to give the world the first major unveiling of his company’s new electric bike, which sports a top range of 236 miles. To put that feat in perspective, Tesla’s base trim Model 3 has a range of 220 miles.

Tonkopiy — the CEO of Ukraine-based Delfast — says that max range helps ebikes start to become something more than what they have been until now. With ranges of, say, 40 to 50 miles, they’re little more than “a toy,” as he puts it, and “not very useful.”

“Imagine a car that could only go 40 or 50 miles,” he says. “You’d never be able to be far from a gas station…

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