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How to activate MOBOT EV UL2272 family e-scooter anti theft alarm | Quick tutorial

Author: MOBOT via YouTube
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How to activate MOBOT EV UL2272 family e-scooter anti theft alarm | Quick tutorial

This video shows how to operate the MOBOT EV family e-scooter anti theft alarm.

The MOBOT EV is the most popular 3 seater family electric scooter. The MOBOT EV is UL2272 certified and LTA compliant.

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MOBOT EV UL2272 Seated Electric Scooter

MOBOT EV is a UL2272 certified, LTA compliant e-scooter. EV UL2272 series is the most popular family e-scooter in Singapore. The EV seated e-scooter is one of the only weight compliant 3-seater family e-scooter in Singapore.

The ultimate 3 seater family e-scooter is here. The EV UL2272 certified e-scooter embodies the words practicality, safety, and comfort. Built with a comfortable 2 seats, it’s robust structure can withstand weights of up to 160kg. The e-scooter’s wider frame allows for an add-on child seat at the front while still ensuring enough leg room for all.

[Material & Build]
Built with a high tensile aluminium alloy body, EV UL2272 certified e-scooter can take-on various climate conditions such as high humidity and heat. The 14″ tires and front suspension allow the rider to ease through rougher terrains; Coupled with a wide handlebar which maximizes comfort for travelling longer distances.

Flaunting a twist throttle with key lock and anti-theft alarm, the EV family e-scooter assures the safeguard of your scooter. The electronic security system acts as a deterring factor but we do of course recommend a strong physical lock when leaving your e-scooter out for long.

[Range & Power]
Equipped with a 48V, 240W brushless motor, the MOBOT EV can effortlessly climb slopes of up to 10°.
In addition, the 10AH detachable li-ion battery will take you up to 35-45km.

Therefore the MOBOT EV UL2272 certified three-seater family e-scooter is certainly the first choice for families.

* Product specifications subjected to change without notice.

[Important Note]
From 2 Jan 2019, you must register your e-scooter with Land Transport Authority (LTA).
As of 15 Sep 2019, the EV is certified to UL2272.


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EV UL2272 Seated Electric Scooter



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