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In Between The Races with Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team | SHIMANO

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In Between The Races with Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team | SHIMANO

In Between The Races is a series of videos, brought to you by Shimano, that follows the lives and the thoughts of the athletes when they are outside of the tape. In these videos you’ll get to know the riders and how they deal with racing back to back races; what goes through their minds, what are they doing when the spotlight is dimmed, when the pressure is off? How do they maintain their levels of performance? Or how do they turn things around? In this episode, we follow the Thömus RN Swiss Bike Team, from when the Italian dust settles in Val di Sole to the epic Swiss mountains in Lenzerheide.

We follow the team towards their ever so important home race. For a Swiss team, the Lenzerheide world cup is not just any race, it’s the race of the season. Luckily team manager Ralph Näf has all the experience to guide his team in the right direction. Näf, a well-decorated former pro of thirteen years, knows how to cope with the pressure and how to approach such an important event. We see the former marathon world champion in his role as team manager, follow riders Alessandra Keller and Kathrin Stirnemann around a mini-golf course and cook a recovery lunch with Mathias Flückiger.

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