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Pre-order an innovative Delfast e-bike now

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Author: Delfast via YouTube
Pre-order an innovative Delfast e-bike now

We have successfully completed the first round of our Delfast e-bike production, which included making of all the bikes for our Kickstarter backers.
We are ready for the next phase of our Delfast success and launch a global pre-order campaign!
Now you ask, what is this? It’s simple. You can reserve your Delfast electric bike by paying just a fraction of its full price.
Here’s how it works:
1. Select your bike on our website Currently available for this program is our “travel way out and back” Prime model (full price: $4999), or our “fastest get there quick” Top model (full price: $5999). Worldwide shipping and taxes are included!
2. You deposit $300 via our secure PayPal payment channel.
3. You’ll pay the rest later, right before your bike is ready to ship in about 9 months. For the Prime model, you’ll pay $4699, and for our Top model: $5699.
4. if you change your mind you can take your money back at any time!
5. This is a limited-time offer.
6. The sooner you place your pre-order, the sooner you get your electric bike.
7. It’s that simple!

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