Ride1UP 500 Series | Electric Commuter Bike Review (2021)

Ride1UP 500 Series | Electric Commuter Bike Review (2021)

Author: Electric Bike Report via YouTube
Ride1UP 500 Series | Electric Commuter Bike Review (2021)

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Ride1UP 500 Series Review, 2021

An all around well-performing electric bike, our Ride1UP 500 Series review shows it’s a value-priced comfort commuter that our testers were really happy with.

Our review of the 500 Series dives into how the bike handles, climbs hills, comes to a stop and how long you can ride it on a single charge, among other things. From former racers to weekend warriors, our team of testers were impressed with how well the bike performed no matter what we asked of it (within reason). It’s sporty yet comfortable; affordable yet well spec’d; and mellow yet fast.

We tested the high-step version of the 500 Series, but Ride1UP also offers it in a low-step version that has a slightly more relaxed geometry. There were some things we thought worth considering before buying the bike, which we get into in detail in the above review, but overall the 500 Series is a great buy.

For a more in depth look at the bike, check out our written review on ElectricBikeReport.com. Ride1UP is a direct-to-consumer company, so you can order the 500 Series from their website and have it shipped to your door. The 500 Series also comes in a step-thru variation and you can order one with stock fenders and a rear rack if you choose.

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Ride1UP 500 Series | Electric Commuter Bike Review (2021)
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