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The BEST Way to Carry Your Bike in your Truck | Saris Tailgate Pad

The BEST Way to Carry Your Bike in your Truck | Saris Tailgate Pad

Video by Saris via YouTube

You’ll never worry about your bike getting scratched or dinged up in the bed of your truck again.

Introducing the all-new Saris Tailgate Pad, the most featured packed Tailgate Pad around.

The Saris Tailgate Pad ensures nothing comes between your bike and top-tier protection. The quick-attach/release G-hooks deliver a seamless loading experience while the long bike straps accommodate even the bulkiest eBikes, delivering the perfect combination of flexibility and ease.

Featuring 30mm continuous padding and a 40mm multi-density foam profile, the Tailgate Pad keeps up to five/six of your bikes safe, secure, and ready for your next adventure.

Thick padding compresses to downtube shape to distribute hard impacts multi-density foam – provides worry-free padding for fork and fork stanchion contact points.
– Bike straps secure up to 4.9” diameter bike tubes
– Two 11×6” inner storage pockets for tools, pumps, gloves, and more.
– G-hook’s curved design protects bike frames and will not deteriorate over time.
– Fold-up window provides clear backup camera viewing and handle access.
– Included web strap routing tool for easily feeding the straps around the tailgate bottom seam.
– Strategic block spacing secures wider and heavier e-bike downtubes for additional shock dampening.


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