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These eBikes are REALLY changing people’s lives

These eBikes are REALLY changing people’s lives

Video by Propel via YouTube
These eBikes are REALLY changing people’s lives

When I first started selling eBikes, people would always tell me that electric bikes are only for people with disabilities. I never understood this. Now that eBikes are more widely used by everybody, people seem to not be discussing the ways they can help people who need them as much. I just wanted to create this video to share some information that I’ve learned and seen over the years. We’re going to be going over a bunch of the technology in the electric bike space that is helping people get back out and get around more easily.

0:00 My experience with eBikes
1:08 Ways eBikes help people with limitations
2:20 eBikes helping with rehabilitation
3:00 eBikes are more adorable and accessible
3:50 Accessibility in the Netherlands
5:45 Using a bike as a way to get around
6:15 Pfautec bikes
7:20 Vanraam bikes
8:50 Using tandem bikes to help people with disabilities
9:45 Netherlands microcars
11:25 Using cargo bikes to carry people with disabilities
12:30 Weight capacity of electric bikes
13:00 XCYC bikes
13:20 Recumbent bikes
14:40 HP Velotechnik bikes
15:20 HASE bikes
16:00 Adding adaptations to bikes
16:50 Adaptive mountain biking
17:40 Move United
19:00 Bowhead hand cycle bikes
20:00 outro

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