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Tractor Arrives: Electric Conversion International 300 Utility

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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Tractor Arrives: Electric Conversion International 300 Utility
The first step in converting a tractor to electric is to get the tractor in the first place! The International Harvester 300 Utility tractor was delivered today. Please click SHOW MORE!

The tractor was delivered! I was very cold out this morning, so it was a little hard to start. I brought out a spare battery and jumper cables and that made it perk right up.

Not having actually DRIVEN a tractor before, I tested it in the driveway. Hydraulics work well, and once I found 1st and Reverse, I could move it around my driveway!

Last night, I accidentally found a scale model of the tractor at the local farm store. I was temped to buy it, but my money is better used elsewhere right now!
Of course, I wouldn’t say no to a sponsor or donor right now!
1/16th Scale Model of 300 Utility Tractor

No problems getting the tractor into the garage. I’m still glad I didn’t knock off the muffler!

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