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Velec CITI Review – $2.1k Stealthy Design, Quiet City Ebike

Author: via YouTube
Velec CITI Review - $2.1k Stealthy Design, Quiet City Ebike The Velec CITI is a lightweight, highly efficient, city style electric bicycle with hidden battery and compact quiet motor, comes with plastic fenders, a sturdy custom rack, and rear light for safety. Custom battery pack uses high quality Samsung cells that are energy dense, 3500 milliamp hours, so you get more capacity with lighter weight… the pack isn’t easily removable, but the display has a password so people can’t tamper with the bike. Available at a large number of bicycle dealers in Canada and the US, the bike comes in four frame styles and sizes… including an extra small with deep step-thru frame, small mid-step, and two high-steps for great fit, it also comes in two colors (black and red). Those who do not wish to bring their bike inside will have to park somewhere that is close to a charging outlet, it’s just a little less convenient than a removable battery, there’s no slap guard sticker, no bottle cage bosses, and the optional front light costs more to add (along with the suspension fork, suspension seat post, and higher capacity battery options). Velec is based in Montreal Canada and distributes in both the US and Canada through a wide network of dealers.

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