Yamaha Cross Connect Video Review – $3k

Author: ElectricBikeReview.com via YouTube
Yamaha Cross Connect Video Review - $3k

https://electricbikereview.com/yamaha/cross-connect/ The Yamaha Cross Connect is an efficient, highly reliable, electric bike. It offers 20mph top Class 1 performance as a pedal assist product. Yamaha has custom tuned their motor controller to be smooth, extremely responsive, and very quiet. The battery pack is interchangeable with other Yamaha models and even some partner brands like Haibike. It comes with integrated LED lights, plastic fenders, and a sleek rear rack for hauling gear. This electric bike would be great for commuting. Yamaha sells through a global network of ebike dealers and offers an industry-leading three year warranty with paid support, so you can take it to more dealers without having to pay out of pocket for fixes. Available in three frame sizes and two colors, this electric bicycle only comes in high-step frame style. It has a large bulky charger, but at least it fills the pack quickly, so you can get out riding again faster.

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Yamaha Cross Connect Video Review – $3k
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