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2018 Easy Motion EVO Electric Bikes Update

Author: via YouTube
2018 Easy Motion EVO Electric Bikes Update Easy Motion produces a line of ebikes that were originally called NEO and then moved on to be called EVO. They utilize Dapu internally geared hub motors, have streamlined downtube-integrated battery packs, and aim for value. Most of the models are setup for city use and offer twist throttle operation as well as TMM4 torque sensing pedal assist. The EVO Jumper, 27.5, Big Bud Pro, and Cross are all trail capable and may or may not have twist throttles depending on the year purchased. I have reviewed many of these models back at in the Easy Motion category:

In this video we looked closely at several models including the EVO City and Evo Street which offer approachable step-thru frames and now have 500 watt hour battery packs. I like that both of the display panels are removable and the Street has a USB port built into the larger display. Many of the urban models have integrated lights, fenders, and quick release systems for the front and rear wheels. The EVO Eco actually has a dynamo hub on the front, so the headlight will run even if the battery is empty. Some models are designated as “Pro” which means that they offer a 600 watt hour battery vs. 500 watt. Easy Motion / BH offers a five year warranty with 2 years on the battery and 1 year reimbursed labor warranty at dealers. For 2018, dealers can now adjust the amperage power output to be more efficient or offer a zippier feel… they tap into the cable that connects to the display, bikes are setup to be zippier and faster by default. All of the cross bikes come in small, medium, and large while most of the other EVO models come in a couple of sizes for improved fit and comfort.

The EVO models were introduced in 2012 and utilize a Dapu geared hub motor, the ATOM line uses Brose mid motors, and now the REBEL line which uses Yamaha mid motors.