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Best deals on unu electric moped | Coming soon

Best deals on unu electric moped | Coming soon

Video by unu via YouTube
Best deals on unu electric moped | Coming soon

Can you feel the anticipation in the air? Something big is coming! Revealing the green deals for Black Friday 2022 soon. Stay in touch by following us on social media & subscribing to our newsletter.
You can also check unu’s current electric scooter models and decide which one (unu scooter move or unu scooter pro) might be useful for you.
Choose your model and your favourite colour-
and keep everything ready in the cart. Don’t forget to checkout immediately as soon as deals go live on 18th November.

Can’t wait to share what we have in store for you! Hope you are as excited as we are for the greener black Friday 2022 with unu electric scooter/ electric moped.

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