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Hummvee Shorts – Always & Forever

Hummvee Shorts - Always & Forever

Video by EnduraOfficial via YouTube
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Hummvee Shorts - Always & Forever

Endura were one of the pioneers in the baggy short market a way-back-when, taking the more laid-back look that mountain bikers were adopting in the late 1990s and tweaking board shorts into riding shorts. Following on from the Snapper and Voyager, the first Hummvees were developed with the help of a group of London bike messengers who helped deliver a bunch of features that have shaped the short and helped us build a global cycling apparel brand.

Since then, Hummvee Shorts have been adopted for all sorts of riders, doing all sorts of things. Riding trails, riding to work, riding just for shits and giggles, riding to the pub. Hummvee is always the right choice.

This is just the second refurb we’ve given the Hummvee’s in two decades of domination. The Hummvee has been definitive baggy short in cycling for years – much admired, much copied, but never bettered. It’s the baggy short that’s always and forever.

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Author: EnduraOfficial