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Rize X | In-depth Overview

Rize X | In-depth Overview

Video by Rize Bikes via YouTube
Rize X | In-depth Overview

The Rize X is perfect for all-around riding as it features a flat bar for increased maneuverability and comfortable frame geometry. For the adventurous rider in need of more range, the Rize X offers a Dual Battery option extending your range up to 160km!

With the puncture-resistant 4" tires and powerful 750w Bafang motor, you’ll be tackling trails with little effort.

Rize X

0:00 – 0:23 – INTRO
0:24 – 1:05 – FRAME
1:04 – 2:16 – COMFORT
2:21 – 3:48 – PERFORMANCE
3:49 – 4:30 – SAFETY
4:31 – 5:00 – OUTRO

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