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Spot #55

Spot #55
Charles Gibbs

Well. The first two were proof of consept so that I could proove to myself that it would be a viable alternative, I put 150km on the first bike, on the modded one with th battery box in the triangle I put 350Km on, this one is a half month old snd already has 150km on it, custom painted the rims blue put on an 18W front led light running ditectly from the battery, and, put in a dcdc convertor and custom mount switch for both front and rear lights, the resr light runs from the 3 amp convertor that is hidden inside the downtube, the rims are 26” x 4” and the tyres are 26” x 4.5” the sheer size of the apperance of the bike means that I don’t have cars driving in front of me anymore…..

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