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Timmy Mallett attempting the Camino de Santiago by e-bike

Timmy Mallett attempting the Camino de Santiago by e-bike

Most people get an e-bike to get to work, or for leisure rides near home. Not many people would hop on one and attempt to cycle 2,000km down a fair chunk of Europe. But that’s what entertainer and artist Timmy Mallett is currently attempting. Fair play to him.

Mallett set off in mid-March, and he’s just crossed the Pyrenees on his way to Santiago de Compostela, his final destination. The final part of the journey is along the well-trodden Camino de Santiago, a Christian pilgrimage route for over 1,000 years. Mallet cites his reasons for doing the ride as historical, clutural, physical and spiritual; you can read about what’s inspired him to make the jorney on his blog.

Mallett is riding a Giant Explore E+ 1 GTS hybrid touring bike. With a powerful 80Nm SyncDrive motor and a 500Wh battery it’s ideal for tackling the distances and the terrain along the way. Mallett has been riding up to 100km a day on the bike, which is fully loaded both with riding essentials and also an artists’ studio: he’s painting along the way, and raising awareness 

“I like the unexpected adventure of cycling. It’s not how far you go, or how fast; its how much fun you have along the way”, said Mallett of the ride.  There’s a spiritual aspect to it – the people you meet and the things that may happen.  There’s that line – ‘it’s more about the journey than the destination’, and I don’t think that was ever truer.”

Timmy Mallet Mont st Michel
Timmy Mallet at Mont st Michel, from

You can read about Timmy’s adventures on his Camino blog, and you can see the riding he’s been doing on Strava.

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Timmy Mallett attempting the Camino de Santiago by e-bike


Entertainer set off from his home town of Maidenhead on a 2,000km challenge aboard a Giant e-bike