William Shatner | Love Stories | Pedego Electric Bikes

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William Shatner | Love Stories | Pedego Electric Bikes

William Shatner is just like you and me. He loves his family.

Sure, he also enjoys fast cars, horses, and motorcycles, but he treasures quality time with his kids and grandkids more than anything on earth (or any other planet).

The Shatners still have family dinner almost every Sunday, and they’ve traveled across the globe together. Of all the experiences they’ve shared, Pedego-ing has a special place in their hearts because it’s fun for the entire family that brings them together more than anything else. Finally, something that everyone can agree on!

“We’ve gone on many adventures,” William recalls, “none more joyful than the electric Pedego bike.”

WIlliam and his wife, Liz, fell in love with their first pair of Pedego Electric Bikes in 2012. Today, the family owns 16 of them! “The first thing that comes to mind with Pedego is the ease with which you can use it,” he praises, “It’s so easy! It’s simplicity itself.”

The grandkids call William “Papa,” but it’s hard to pick the adults out of the crowd when they’re out Pedego-ing together. They all giggle and race around like unruly schoolchildren.

“It’s great because I can keep up with the twenty year-olds in our family,” William beams, “In fact, if the truth be known – I go a little faster!”

William Shatner | Love Stories | Pedego Electric Bikes
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