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2013 Tesla S – Did I FIX it!?

2013 Tesla S - Did I FIX it!?

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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Working on fixing up a non-running Tesla Model S, we finally get a computer to talk to the car to clear out some errors. Hopefully, this will let the car run!
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We finally got the computer connected to the car! Unfortunately, our short-term rental of the Tesla Toolbox software was already up! We got a call back from our 3rd party Tesla repair guy. We were able to have him remotely control my computer with it set to a local connection to the car. We cleared out the Battery Isolation Error, but ended up having another issue – a High Voltage Interlock error. Once we figured that out, no MORE ERRORS!

The car’s service manual is available through Tesla online:

Log in to the Tesla Toolbox software at:
You will need to first have a Tesla account and then purchase/rent access to the software:

A laptop is connected to the car with an ethernet diagnostic cable like this:
Keep in mind that the cable for the S/X is different than that for the 3/Y.
The cable connects to a port in the car behind a panel in the dash which is covered when the driver’s side door is closed.

Parts and Tools used on this project:
Manometer air-pressure gauge:
10mm threaded rods:
Replacement Front Passenger Window Regulator:
Security Bit Set:
Tesla Jack Pucks:
Ethernet Diagnostic Cable:
OBDLinkMX+ Bluetooth OBDII Scanner:

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