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Bafang C965 Electric Bike Display Settings

Author: via YouTube
Bafang C965 Electric Bike Display Settings

Bafang C965 Electric Bike Display Settings

Hi guys, while visiting Best Electric Bikes in Denver Colorado, I was able to spend some time digging into the Bafang C965 LCD display and control pad on an Optibike and wanted to share some of the deeper settings. This display is not removable, but it does swivel to reduce glare. It does not have a USB port to charge portable electronic devices. The remote button pad is extremely easy to reach and very responsive to presses but the plastic button covers can get snagged on jackets, long sleeve shirts, and gloves. the plus and minus keys deliver tactile clicks and the main power button is rubberized so you can feel your way around without having to look down. This display may be found on purpose built ebikes as well as conversion kits.

I do wish that the display featured a battery percentage readout or finer increments than just five bars (20% steps). There is no range estimate menu, so accurately judging distance may require practice.

Quick tips:
– The buttons on the control pad include +, power, and –
– Hold the power button on the display to boot it up
– Default readouts are current speed, battery level (5 bars), pedal assist level (0-5), trip distance
– To change units from miles to kilometers, double tap power on the control pad to enter the settings menu
– To reset trip distance, average speed, and max speed, hold the + and – keys for a few seconds
– To activate lights (if they are wired in), as well as the LCD backlight, hold the + button for a few seconds
– To navigate through the trip stat menus, press the power button, these include: Current Speed, Average Speed, Max Speed, Trip Distance, Odometer, Time
– To activate walk mode, hold the – button
– The settings and configuration menu allows you to change units from miles to kilometers, adjust backlight brightness, enter password, and change the top speed, the default password may be 1919

Navigation aids:
– How to clear trip stats 1:10
– How to activate backlight 1:20
– How to activate walk mode 1:25
– How to enter settings 1:32

To compliment this video, I have also created a post in the EBR forums with written instructions and pictures which you can visit here:

The official Bafang website lists some of their display panel specifications at: