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Discover the electric Gazelle Ultimate | Royal Dutch Gazelle

Discover the electric Gazelle Ultimate | Royal Dutch Gazelle

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Discover the electric Gazelle Ultimate | Royal Dutch Gazelle

Looking for a comfortable yet sporty ride? Then, the Gazelle Ultimate is the bike for you. An active riding position, powerful motor assistance and a wide range of gears give you the feeling of ultimate freedom on every ride. Whether you’re planning a long cycling tour, running an errand in town or riding home from work, you always reach your destination with the electric Gazelle Ultimate.

With a Gazelle Ultimate you choose:
A powerful mid-drive motor: On the Ultimate, Bosch’s powerful motor sits in the centre of the frame. This places the bike’s centre of gravity in the middle, distributing the weight evenly. The advantage of this is a consistently stable ride.

Maximum breaking performance: With an advanced e-bike like the Ultimate, you want to be able to brake safely without thinking about it. Hydraulic disc brakes are therefore indispensable, as they provide the braking power and the precision for controlled braking at all times — even when it’s raining or the roads are wet.

A Dynamic design: Something to please the eye. On all Gazelle Ultimate e-bikes, the cables are incorporated into the headset. You almost forget that it’s an e-bike thanks to the unique way that the motor and battery are integrated.

Optimal visibility: The Ultimate’s rear lamp is incorporated into the luggage carrier and extends to the sides. As a cyclist, you are visible from every angle. Visibility on the road is of course extra important with a fast e-bike.

From now on, you’ll be choosing the long way home as defalult.

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