Epic Cycles Magnum Ebikes in Toronto Canada

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Epic Cycles Magnum Ebikes in Toronto Canada

While visiting Toronto Canada for some ebike reviews, I decided to stop by a shop that sells Magnum Ebikes called Epic Cycles. These guys are actually an e-bike shop and distributor of Magnum Electric Bicycles for all of Canada! and their storefront has a warehouse in the back with hundreds of boxed bikes to be sent out all across the country. Shops like Cit-E-Cycles in Vancouver, BC that sell Magnum get their products sent from this location. I took an Uber ride share to this shop and the driver, Elias, asked about my job. I told him about electric bikes and he decided to come in for a test ride and even go on camera! Thanks Elias 😉 and the other shop members we spoke with include Barry, Dani, and Eric.

Official website: www.epiccycles.ca
Phone number: (647) 715-9000

Epic Cycles officially opened on March 1st 2018 and shares this distribution point with a sister company called Toronto Trailers (moving and packing equipment). While exploring the back room, I met Rick who does repairs and assembly for this location. They had a unicycle and some conversion ebikes because Magnum does produce and sell an electric bike kit as well as purpose built ebikes. I also learned that they have one other team member named Sam, who wasn’t in for the day.

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Epic Cycles Magnum Ebikes in Toronto Canada
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