How This One Ride Changed Their Marriage

Author: FLX Bike via YouTube
How This One Ride Changed Their Marriage

Mark and Susie are a retired couple living in San Diego, California.

They have always enjoyed spending time together in the outdoors, however, they always felt limited when hiking or even when riding standard bikes.

That all changed the day they purchased 2 FLX bikes. While they were still able to ride and enjoy the exercise, they were no longer limited by their physical capabilities.

Hills that would normally leave them gasping for air at the summit became just a little speed bump when riding with pedal assist. This made their rides not only more enjoyable, it enabled them to explore much further than ever before.

After purchasing the FLX Bikes, the amount of time that they spend riding together has increased drastically and as a result, brought them closer together as a couple.

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How This One Ride Changed Their Marriage
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