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iGO Electric Aspire Camillien Review – $2.5k Best Affordable Road Electric Bike

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iGO Electric Aspire Camillien Review - $2.5k Best Affordable Road Electric Bike The iGO Electric Aspire Camillien is one of the most affordable road style electric bikes with drop bars and a decent 18-speed drivetrain. Available in two frame sizes, sold through dealers as well as online, ships as a Class 1 product but can be unlocked for faster 28mph (45km/h) Class 3 performance using the free smartphone application. Extremely lightweight at 40.6lbs (18.4kg), and balanced front to rear. The 250W Bafang planetary geared hub motor performs at 450 watts nominal due to a custom high power controller, it offers up to 45 newton meters of torque and actually performs pretty well for climbing and maintaining higher speeds. Dual-sided 32 pulse torque sensing bottom bracket creates a smooth natural ride feel and helps to extend range. TRP mechanical disc brakes perform well and stay cleaner than rim brakes. Upgraded puncture resistant tires also have reflective sidewall stripes. The bike can fit up to 42c sized tires, and has mounting points for fenders, racks, and two bottle cages. All aluminum frame is durable but not as light or vibration dampening as carbon fiber or titanium. Display panel interaction requires left hand to be on flats or taken off of the bar entirely and it starts from 0 each time, so more clicks. Smartphone app struggled to stay synced, no place to charge portable electronics. Hub motor creates zipping noises at high speed.

0:00 Introduction
1:24 Torque sensor, motor, controller details
2:15 Motor, battery, bike weight
2:43 Bike name and origin
3:31 Display introduction
4:52 Tire details (puncture resistant, reflective)
5:53 Drivetrain, gears, shifters
7:21 More tire info (700x32c fits 42c gravel grinder)
9:56 Brakes (TRP mechanical disc 160mm)
11:39 Grips and shifters
12:01 Spokes and rims
12:34 Battery removal, details, charger
15:07 Display panel details
17:57 Smartphone app settings
20:13 High speed off-road mode
20:39 Ride test begins
23:19 Third person shots
23:48 Drivetrain frame shots
27:09 Outro

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