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Just in: Giant Entour E+2

Just in: Giant Entour E+2

Just landed at ebiketips is a new bike from Giant, the Entour E+ 2. At £1,699 for a good quality mid motor and a solid spec, it looks like it should be a good choice for city riding.

The Entour E+ 2 is available in two frame designs, both made from Giant’s ALUXX-Grade Aluminum: we have the diamond version in for testing and there’s a step-through frame option too. The Entour E+ 1, at £100 more, gets a Shimano Nexus hub gear and full chain case in place of the 8-speed Shimano Tourney transmission that we have here.

Giant Entour E+ 2 Disc -6.jpg

The Motor is Giant’s SyncDrive Life unit which puts out 60Nm of torque. Giant doesn’t make its own motors – the motor itself is a Yamaha PW unit – but it does have the economies of scale to be able to design and spec its own control system and battery, so it’s not the standard Yamaha install.

Giant Entour E+ 2 Disc -5.jpg

The 300Wh battery sits on the rack at the back, and is easy to pull out for charging; obviously the rack give you something to hang luggage off too, and has an elastic strap for holding loose items.

Giant Entour E+ 2 Disc -10.jpg

The smaller battery is one of the steps that Giant has taken to keep the bike’s price down. Normally we’d expect a bike like this to have a 400Wh battery but unless you’re planning some fairly long rides the range shouldn’t be an issue. The bike has three levels of assistance, from Eco (adding 80% to your pedal input) to Sport (300% extra).

Giant Entour E+ 2 Disc -9.jpg

The bike is designed for city use, and it has an integrated lighting system and full mudguards. The Spanninga Galeo front and Spanninga Solo rear lights should be plenty to get you seen about town. There’s a good quality kickstand too, mounted on the back of the chainstay so it’s out of the way of the pedals.

Giant Entour E+ 2 Disc -16.jpg

The bike has a stem that’s adjustable for both height and angle, and the swept bars give a comfortable and upright position for good visibility.

Giant Entour E+ 2 Disc -3.jpg

The RideControl LED bar-mounted remote gives you access to all the bike’s controls: it’s basic but it works very well and is easy to read.

Giant Entour E+ 2 Disc -13.jpg

Giant has specced Kenda Kwest 622×37 anti-puncture tyres on the Entour, and there’s a Suntour NEX suspension fork up front to further smooth out the bumps.

Giant Entour E+ 2 Disc -8.jpg

The bike also sports Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for easy and composed stopping.

Giant Entour E+ 2 Disc -11.jpg

We’ll be putting the Entour E+ 2 through its paces over the next few weeks: check back for a review soon.

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Just in: Giant Entour E+2


£1,699 city bike with Giant’s SyncDrive system and city-friendly build