Nireeka Homie Review – $2k

Nireeka Homie Review - k

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Nireeka Homie Review - k The Nireeka Homie is an affordably priced full suspension eMTB with an eye-catching custom frame design, carbon fiber frame and components keep weight remarkably low for an ebike, available in three sizes to fit a wide range of riders, available online-only with shipping to most countries around the globe. An impressive selection of upgrade and accessory options for virtually all components, high-quality Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and drivetrain, Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires are satisfyingly grippy and nimble. Can be outfitted for mountain bike trails or with more commuting-friendly options such as a comfort saddle and adjustable stem, low Q Factor improves cornering performance and ergonomics, lifetime frame warranty coverage. Motor power and throttle upgrades can be nice around town but limit access to MTB trails, no mounting points for fenders or racks limit commuting viability, some assembly required after delivery which can be daunting without proper tools and expertise.

Nireeka sponsored this video by allowing me to keep the bike in exchange for producing this in-depth review. My goal is to be transparent and unbiased with you, this video is not intended to be an endorsement of Nireeka products.

0:00 Introduction
1:28 Nireeka Company Info
2:06 Size and Customization Options
4:43 MTB vs Commuting Use Cases
6:53 Setup Required, Motor Cable Adjustment
9:26 Cable Management
11:53 Kickstand Placement
13:17 Commuting Considerations
14:55 Brakes, No Motor Inhibitors
16:30 Tires
17:44 Suspension
18:49 Cadence Sensor & Bottom Bracket
20:21 Seatpost & Saddle
21:26 Shimano Deore Drivetrain
22:08 Rear Hub Motor
22:54 Bump Stop
23:31 Battery Overview & Removal
27:12 Control System Overview
32:47 Lights
36:00 Ride Test Begins
37:05 Bottom Bracket Knock
37:45 Bumpy & Wet Terrain
39:26 Throttle Acceleration & Top Speed
40:43 Cadence Sensor Performance
41:29 Heel Strikes Demo
42:29 Speed & Stability
44:46 Frame Mount Closeup – Motor, Suspension, Shifting
47:19 Hill Climbing & Brake Tests
50:22 Riding Unassisted
51:05 Outro

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Nireeka Homie Review – $2k
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