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The FOCUS SAM² – Designed for DOWN | FOCUS Bikes

The FOCUS SAM² – Designed for DOWN | FOCUS Bikes

Video by FOCUS Bikes via YouTube
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The FOCUS SAM² – Designed for DOWN | FOCUS Bikes

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We introduce you to the FOCUS SAM², accompanied by Stixi, Product Manager at FOCUS Bikes.

00:00 Intro
00:24 Characteristics
00:41 Engine & Battery
01:44 Stixi’s feelings about the SAM²
02:30 Key features
03:47 Where to ride it & Outro

Stixi explains the characteristics of the bikes, the specs and his personal favourites on the most downhill-oriented E-MTB in our line-up. The FOCUS SAM² is designed for ultimate trail sessions, with 180/170 mm travel and fast 29" wheels. The 38 mm suspension fork fitted as standard highlights the focus on downhill riding.

The F.O.L.D. kinematics ensure optimal function of the integrated coil or air shock. The integrated C.I.S. design gives the cockpit a tidy appearance. With the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX e-drive and a battery of up to 750 Wh, the FOCUS SAM² easily masters even the steepest climbs.

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