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Bosch Electric Bike Battery Comparison – Powerpack vs. Powertube

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Bosch Electric Bike Battery Comparison - Powerpack vs. Powertube Bosch has been a lead designer and manufacturer of electric bike drive systems and batteries globally since 2010. I began seeing them arrive in the United States around 2012 with integration on Haibike e-bikes. Since then, other companies like IZIP, Riese & Müller, Bulls, Felt, and even Trek have chosen to use Bosch. Around 2015, the original Powerpack 400 battery was joined by the higher capacity Powerpack 500 which offered ~25% more range but only weighed 0.3 lbs more and fit into the exact same form factor, which was backwards compatible. During this period, we also saw the rack-mounted Powerpack being offered in both 400 and 500 watt hour sizes. Eventually, in early 2018, the Bosch Powertube began showing up in the US again from companies like Haibike and Bulls. In this video comparison, I show all three battery designs (rack, downtube, in-tube) and talk about why one battery might be preferable to another based on the type of riding being done. Weight distribution is a key factor, the ability to easily replace or rent a pack, and the desire to be stealthy all come into play.